When you forget the Netgear Router Password of R6700, you have to reset your Router Router. The main purpose to reset your router is, it removes every customized setting including the password. Thus when you reset your router, it will take you to the default factory settings. From here, you can take a turn to access Netgear Setup and Routerlogin.net using the default Netgear Router Login details.

Routerlogin Reset Router:

Every Router has manufactured the Reset Button to its backside. The fact is that the button is small in size that’s why it rarely comes to your notice. But even being a small button, it is useful. What you need to do is:

Press the Reset button on your Router.  It can be pressed using the sharp object such as the tip of the pen.

Long press this button for almost 10 seconds and then instantly leave it.

This will result to remove the entire settings even delete the changed password whatever you gave your router.

Now, when you restart the Netgear Router R6700, it will be like you recently bought it.  So, your router is back with the Default settings. You need to follow the Netgear Setup instruction for your R6700 Router.

Following the Default Netgear Router Password:

  • Username: admin (small letter)
  • Password: password (small letter)

You can access routerlogin.net admin page to change the username and password of your router.

The R6700 routers are effectively growing in the market for its Smart Dual-Band Wi-Fi. 1300 Mbps speed and high power external antennas which result to provide high internet speed for both 2.4 and 5GHz devices. So, definitely, you should give attention to its security. It means to change the default password. Along with modifying the changes, you should never forget to click on Apply to save the change. Especially, when it is a matter of making changes in the default Netgear Router Password then you should save the changed password or write it on the paper and keep the paper secure.