Preset Wireless Security in Netgear Router manages the security of your wifi network. Using these details, you can connect to the Internet to access Netgear Routerlogin Net. The preset wireless security details come with wifi router. These details are mostly available on the label of your router or sometimes it can be found in the booklet providing guidelines to connect to the router. There is no risk of viral of this password as every router has unique detail which no stranger can use. To use these preset wireless settings, you can follow the below method.

Configure Router and Modem

Configure your Modem to the Router using an Ethernet Cable.  When both are connected, power on the modem and Router. Look their LED, when you find the LED lights are stable not blinking anymore, it means the connection has been done properly.

Find the Preset Wireless Security Details

Take the Preset Wireless Security SSID Name and Password from your Router label.  You can note down this as it will be used to connect your device to the wifi network.

Manual and WPS Connectivity

In order to connect your device to your Router, you can prefer either Manual or WPS method.  If you opt for the manually, then check the software manages the wifi networks. It will show the SSID name of your router. When you click on this, it will ask for the security key that is also given on the label of your router.

Use of WPS method depends on your device, if your device supports the WPS method, you can connect using WPS method. To use this method, you need to press the WPS button on your Router and then immediately press the WPS method on your device.

Both devices will get connected even you will not need to use any preset security detail.  Remember, WPS method does not support the WEP supporting devices.

Netgear Routerlogin Net

Using either WPS or Manual method, you will be connected to the wifi and now you can browse the on your device. Confirm the Netgear Router Password. If it is your first time to access Routerlogin then you can use the ‘admin’ in lower case for both username and password as this is same by default to every router. If you changed the password and now forget the password then reset your Router. For this press the Reset button located on the backside of your Router.

Change Preset Wireless Security SSID and Password

After entering the accurate password, you will reach to the web interface of your router. It is the home page of where you can change the preset wireless security   as:

Click on Wireless Settings > Change the SSID Name > Select WPA2-PSK (AES), the passphrase option will appear after selecting this option. Change the passphrase (This is your Password) > Save the settings.

Thus, all your settings will be saved. Similarly, you have a number of features available to the left panel. These features allow you to manage your router settings. Whenever you get Netgear Routerlogin Net remember to upgrade the firmware to use your router flawlessly