Netgear Setup Support for N300 Router Manual & WPS Method

Netgear Setup Support for N300 Router Manual & WPS Method

Are you buying N300 Router and need Netgear Setup Support? You reach the right end. No doubt, Routers are really important for business and personal use but only after getting proper router setup. Without wasting your time let’s start the Netgear Router Setup using Manual or WPS method.


  • Unplug the modem and turn off the computer.
  • You have two Ethernet cables. Take one to connect the modem and Router in yellow port and take another Ethernet cable to connect the computer and Router (any port).
  • Plug on the modem and power on.
  • Switch on the Router, it’s on/off switch is placed backside of the n300 router, press it.
  • Turn on the computer.
  • Don’t go in a hurry, wait until the Router LED is getting Green, it may take 2 minutes. It indicates that your router is ready to proceed.

Now you can access the Netgear Setup via Manual Method and WPS method


Netgear Setup Manual Method:

  • Open Wi-Fi connection managing port of your computer or any device you are going to connect to your router. It will scan the nearby wireless network.
  • Find and select the router’s Wifi network name (If it is asking for the SSID code that is labelled on your Router)
  • Enter the password (also labelled on the router). Now follow the same step
  • Again power off and on the devices to access Netgear Router Login.

Netgear Setup N300 Router

Netgear Setup WPS Method

  • If your device or Wi-Fi device is supportive to WPS, you can use WPS method following this method
  • The router has WPS button, press it
  • Within two minutes the WPS come on your screen, press the onscreen WPS button.
  • Wi-Fi LED on your Route will start blinking and WPS will get started.
  • Thus your computer or any Wi-Fi devices, you can connect to your Router’s WiFi Network.
  • You can repeat the process for any other device with whom you want to connect your Netgear Setup.


  • Now go to your browser on your PC.
  • Type either web address or IP address
  • You will reach to Netgear Router Login page.
  • As you recently bought the router then definitely, you can enter the default Netgear Password detail:

Username: admin (case sensitive)

Password: admin (case sensitive)

Netgear Setup has been done, you have accessed the Smart Wizard to make the changes as per your need such as change the username and password for your security reasons but make sure to remember the Netgear password for further Routerlogin. Upgrade the Router firmware whenever the database shows the new version availability and you are enabled for the proper maintenance of your router.

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